In the ever-evolving world of social media, Twitter emerged as a pioneer for users to share their bite-sized opinions, news, and information. The change in Twitter policies was not taken very well by the users and just when things were going downhill, Threads- a conversation-based app was launched by Meta, a few weeks ago. The introduction of the Threads app which is linked to Instagram has also caused waves in the social media marketing industry.

Before we get to the conclusion of the Threads vs Twitter debate, let us understand what this new app is all about!

What is the Threads app?

Threads is an app built by the Instagram team. This app offers a space for sharing real-time news, updates, and conversations. With a text-based format, Threads has a 500-character limit for users. In addition to text, users can also post 5-minute-long videos on the platform and photos. From creators to regular users, Threads provides a platform for communities to come together and share ideas, opinions, and trends. Users can follow their favourite creators on the Threads app or simply put forth their views on the platform.

The Threads app is just a few weeks old and therefore, most users who have started using the app are still posting introductory content. While there are a lot of similarities between Threads and Twitter, it is too early to know how the users will use the platform and whether it will serve its purpose. This also means there is going to be a shift in digital marketing strategies in India! Threads is now an additional platform where brands and businesses can grow their presence and engage with their audience base.

Threads vs Twitter: Differences and Similarities

Character limit

As mentioned before, Threads allows a 500-character limit for text. Twitter, on the other hand, allows a 280-character limit. The difference in the character limit impacts the way users put forth their content on the respective apps. With Twitter, users and brands have had to be direct. Moreover, Tweets were meant to be brief and to the point. Well, with the Threads app, users can now share longer thoughts, ideas, and stories. This can also be an advantage for creators and brands to put out their message creatively.

TwitterContent orientation

Tweets are designed for content that is timely. Each tweet usually presents itself as an independent piece of content. However, with Threads, users and content creators can keep the audiences engaged with their long-form narrative.


Regular tweets on Twitter are more about quick and short interactions. Tweets, if posted at the right time with the right strategy can also go viral reaching a vast set of audiences. The same cannot be said for Threads. Threads are built to spark longer discussions and the users are expected to go deep into the conversations. Because of the shared narrative concept, Threads spread slower than tweets.

User interface

There are quite a few similarities between Twitter and Threads’ user interface. Both apps have a newsfeed section and users can use the heart-shaped icon to like the tweets and Threads. Both apps have the repost option for content.


Twitter started as a website and is still available as a website. Threads, on the other hand, is a mobile-first platform. Threads is only available as an app on mobile phones.

Account management

Threads is directly linked to Instagram. To sign up on Threads, you need to use your Instagram credentials. You can also choose to import your Instagram account details and follow the same users!

Twitter works as an independent platform and has no ties with any other social media platform.

Also, it is important to note that deleting your Threads app account requires you to delete your Instagram account too.

While both Threads and Twitter present themselves as content-sharing platforms that are focused on text, the difference lies in their usage patterns. The two platforms also differ in terms of pricing, post types, verification, and content discovery.

Just like Instagram Reels, even Threads is all set to make an impact on digital marketing in India. Let’s dig deeper into how Threads can change the social media marketing dynamics.

Social Media Marketing with Instagram Threads

Threads has already made room for itself and brand marketers will soon have to come up with effective strategies to tap the audience on the platform. Threads offers a new space for content creation and content sharing.

Threads can prove to be beneficial for influencers and content creators because it can integrate easily with other platforms. However, both brands and creators will have to pay a lot of attention to their Instagram follower base because initially, their Threads following will depend on the same. Threads can also become a valuable platform for SEO because of its easy integration with WordPress. This can give rise to several new blogging trends and opportunities. The 500-character limit also helps with content creation.

Just like Twitter, Threads has brought with it several advertising opportunities too. The app allows brands and businesses to connect with their audiences through unique social media campaigns and authentic content. If a brand already has a large follower base on Instagram, it can be a boon for its Threads presence.

Implementing the right social media marketing strategy on Threads can build an unfiltered and genuine connection between the followers and the brand. Some big brands have already jumped on the new platform and are already creating a pathway to connect with their audience base. The initial phase for most brands is a trial and error when it comes to social media marketing on Threads but there are a few things you can follow to get started on the platform and create an impact.

Social Media Marketing Tips on Maximising Brand Presence on Threads

Improve your textual content

Threads gives you an opportunity to curate creative textual content. While Instagram is focused on Reels and images, with the help of Threads, you can come up with a content strategy that is text-oriented. Follow a storytelling approach and keep the content engaging.

Stay consistent

Follow a proper posting schedule just like you do for your Instagram account. Remember, Threads is still in its initial stages and many of your followers might have just entered the platform. It is best to grab their attention at this stage. If your content on Threads receives good engagement, you can also gain new followers.

Follow a unique brand voice for Threads

The Threads algorithm is still developing but brands must have Threads-specific content to tap into the new audience base on the platform. Pay attention to the content pieces that are fetching you more engagement on the platform and create a unique brand voice to build a new set of audience base. Stay authentic and engaging!

Make sure to unlock the benefits of Threads in its initial phase! The app is all set to open new doors for collaborations and audience engagement.

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