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    Get The Most Mileage for Your Business With Pay Per Click Advertising On Search, Display, And Social.

    Rank My Business’s PPC campaign management services are designed to deliver results that matter. Our experts can help you get the most out of your PPC advertisements with cutting-edge analytics and targeted ad spends for your company’s best online performance. We make sure your brand is the first thing the target audience sees across web, search, mobile, and social media channels.

    Whether you’re an established player in the market looking for higher conversion rates or a brand aiming to build your empire from scratch, we can help. From identifying and reaching out to prospects with the right message at the right time, to driving lead generation and maximizing ROI, we can do it all. We go above and beyond to help your business unleash the power of pay per click advertising for higher leads, sales, and profits.

    We offer a host of pay per click management services that can help you precisely target your audience online

    Google ads

    Google ads

    Exploit the reach of the world’s largest online advertising network across the web and mobile devices to connect with your audience, wherever they are.


    Reach out to the exact audience you want to connect with and get better engagement with effective messaging across a flurry of advertising options on the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook.


    With LinkedIn pay per click management, you get your message seen by influencers and drive new prospects to your business page at a budget that is friendly for you.
    Get The Most Mileage for Your Business With Pay Per Click Advertising On Search, Display, And Social.

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    What Clients Say About us

    Our Achievements

    A quick overview of the awards and recognition we have received so far for both international and local PPC services.
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    Brands That Trust Us

    Our persistent efforts are the cornerstone of our client base. We have assisted a vast list of reputed clientele to accelerate their business growth successfully till date.


    Accelerated growth, from 1 – 19 stores in less than 3 years!

    A perfect case of growth, fuelling more growth, online and offline.

    Our campaigns for Dosa Hut have created phenomenal results for the brand, and the numbers speak for themselves! Click on the numbers to see a glimpse of what we’ve achieved.

    Growth In Leads, Through Strategic Seo & Sem Campaigns
    • 2004 organic leads in 31 months
    • Content: 6865 paid leads in 10 months
    • Content: Improved online presence on web, search and social
    Growth In Digital Sales
    • 75% increase in orders via phone
    • 1396 online orders generated in campaign period
    • Optimizing landing pages for higher conversions
    Growth In Website Visitors
    • 526% growth in traffic in 31 months
    • 62% keywords ranking on 1st page of Google
    • 3,90,000 + new users in 31 months
    Growth In Leads, Through Strategic Seo & Sem Campaigns
    • 2004 organic leads in 31 months
    • Content: 6865 paid leads in 10 months
    • Content: Improved online presence on web, search and social
    Growth In Digital Sales
    • 75% increase in orders via phone
    • 1396 online orders generated in campaign period
    • Optimizing landing pages for higher conversions
    Growth In Website Visitors
    • 526% growth in traffic in 31 months
    • 62% keywords ranking on 1st page of Google
    • 3,90,000 + new users in 31 months

    100% Organic Results

    Start Ranking Within Months


    Founder Kunal Rankmybusiness

    Melbourne, Australia

    Founder Zuber RMB India

    Mumbai, India

    Why Choose Us as Your Search Engine Marketing Agency?

    Rank My Business is a Melbourne and Lokandwala-based, Google Certified PPC marketing company. We are known for our high client satisfaction scores and for achieving campaign objectives over and over. Our unique approach to search engine marketing is what sets us apart from the many other PPC management companies in Lokandwala. We make the complicated world of PPC advertising simpler with complete transparency and quantifiable ROI. Here is why we are the preferred SEM agency for our clients:

    Managed by Experts

    Managed by Experts

    Our team comprises professionals with rich industry experience across different verticals. We ensure that only certified account managers come on board. Our team is highly experienced; hence, all our campaigns are managed in-house and we have complete accountability for the work we take on. The experts at Rank My Business will make sure that your paid search advertising effort is a success.

    Professional Approach

    Professional Approach

    At Rank My Business, we adopt a process-driven approach to plan campaigns that align with your paid search marketing goals and give best results that help your business grow. We believe that the process we follow influences the outcome of every marketing dollar you spend.

    Experienced Team

    Weekly Optimization

    Unlike most other Google AdWords management and Pay Per Click marketing agencies, our managers optimize each campaign every week and suggest tweaks that will maximize your marketing spend. The campaigns are constantly upgraded to achieve the desired outcomes. We want to help you outsmart, and not outspend your competition.

    Proven Strategies

    Proven Strategies

    We don’t just help you get great returns; we also provide in-depth analyses to support them. We use proven strategies for every campaign; and to ensure better outcomes, our staff is always refining them in accordance with changes in your industry and the current online trends.

    Experience across Industries

    Experience across Industries

    Our clients are an assorted mix of small businesses and leading brands in the country. Our clientele includes industries as varied as medical and food to construction and technology. Our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns are solely designed to help your business flourish, irrespective of how small or big it is.

    Complete Transparency

    Complete Transparency

    Transparency is something we value. We are completely transparent and ethical in all we do and the practices we follow, while producing visible, quantifiable results. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

    Some numbers to chew on






    We Strive To Serve You to Our Finest Potential

    Our approach to SEO services is unique. We understand that no two clients have the same requirements, and every client deserves a custom strategy to help them meet their goals.  We combine fresh research and our own learnings to create the greatest possible user experience for visitors to your website, blogs, and app. Thereafter, we create engaging, and relevant content on a targeted webpage so that we can generate great links, organic search, and online exposure. Our SEO marketing strategies are designed according to company specifications so that we can deliver the most efficient, results-oriented services.

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      Useful Meta Title
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      Useful Meta Description
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      Google Page Speed
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      Meta Tag
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      Keyword Research
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      Organic Search Approach
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      Competitor Analysis
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      Mobile Friendly
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      Used Schema
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      High PA DA Backlinks
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      Page UI
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      Google Trends
    • Gather all information
      We dedicate the first 15 Days on Keywords Research, campaign research, strategy, planning
    • Information from Client
      We consult with respective Business Owner to get a thorough understanding of their products or services, target location, any strategies vision for the future, current branding approach etc.
    • Competitor Analysis
      We carry extensive research on the performance of your competitors which helps us to get ahead.
    • Website audit
      We dedicate the first 15 Days on Keywords Research, campaign research, strategy, planning
    • Keyword research
      We utilize the data of statistics like traffic volume, search volume and relevancy in order to achieve high rank list of keywords which we will use to monitor SEO progress.
    • On Page Optimization
      On Page SEO Is is eminent as 70 % of SEO done by doing Onsite Optimization
    • User Experience
      Rank My Business keenly observes the website’s information architecture, conversion rates and UI UX, and gives you possible enhancements by using our in-house graphic design and website development experts.
    • Onsite optimisation
      70% SEO is undertaken through Onsite Optimization. Our expert SEO managers will guide you about how we implement on-site implementation.
    • Duplicate Content
      To avoid any problems due to duplicate content, we make sure that there is no duplicate content on the web page.
    • Adding Content
      Our content writers will work to come up with creative ideas and add relevant content on your website.
    • Internal & External link
      We will undertake a review of the internal and external linking structure.
    • Google Business Help
      We carry out a review of the Google My Business profile listing and ensure that it is optimized.
    • Off Page SEO
      Rank My Business will focus on the campaign of increasing the site’s domain authority and Page authority. We use a combination of link building/online PR, content creation, structured data (like schema), and social media.
    • Link building
      Great link building a form of online PR. It is also important for an SEO strategy.
    • Content creation
      At Rank My Business, we deliver meaningful and engaging content for your website.
    • Social Media
      We know how to use Social Media for SEO Purpose and we also have the expertise to use Social Media for SEO Purpose.
    • Schema markup
      Rank My Business will implement structured data and/or schema markup through your website.

    Generate More Leads, Gain More Traffic, and Drive More Sales with Our PPC Services In Lokandwala

    We are a team of dedicated digital marketers who can deliver a better return on investment through our smart ad network usage. Experts at our PPC services agency can make a difference in your business by using PPC platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, and Yahoo for advertising online.

    If you are a business owner willing to boost your business online, we can help you. Our PPC services can help you get more traffic, more leads, which can increase your sales exponentially. We ensure definite results at a reasonable price through our PPC services in Lokandwala.

    We come up with innovative concepts and creative ads, and are experienced at planning and executing integrated campaigns across multiple digital channels to derive the best results. Our prime digital PPC advertising services comprise Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Remarketing and Mobile Marketing in Lokandwala.

    Different Ad Types for Every Goal and Budget

    When it comes to paid search advertising, each business has unique needs. Our experts usually rely on factors such as location, size, and the goods or services your business provides to customers to create ads. The types of ads we employ in our campaigns include:

    Drive More Traffic

    Search Ads

    Search advertising is a marketing strategy that includes placing digital ads inside search engine results. This type of ad allows advertisers to select the search terms that they want to be visible on. You do not pay for visibility, but only need to pay whenever someone clicks on your ads.

    Greater Credibility and Trust

    Display Ads

    Text, image, or video ads can all be called display advertisements. Display ads are appealing and grab viewer’s attention, thus they are excellent for promoting your brand and boosting awareness.

    Attract High-Quality Traffic.

    Discovery Ads

    These ads are a quick and efficient way of increasing the visibility of your business in front of numerous potential clients. They function by displaying your sponsored content on different ad platforms, such as Gmail, and appear above users’ inboxes in the form of regular emails.

    SEO Services in Mumbai

    Retargeting Ads

    This is an effective technique to attract prospects that have already expressed an interest in your goods or services. Retargeting ads have a higher conversion rate since they provide additional points of contact between your brand and potential customers.

    What Should You Look For In A Professional SEO Company?

    For the success of your company, you must employ qualified digital marketers that will help you create a brand image. However, what’s more important, is hiring the right team for the task. If you’ve been on the lookout for the best SEO company you must know what to look for. Here are three attributes of a reliable search engine optimization marketing agency:

    1. They substantiate claims

    An SEO company that relies on social media or paid promotion to advertise its services is a trap. So make sure you hire a company that leads by example. For instance, see if their website appears in the top local search results for keywords like affordable SEO services, small business SEO services, or best SEO Company Lokandwala. If it does, there is a good chance they will prove to be an asset for your business growth and expansion.

    They Substantiate Claims RMB Mumbai
    Offer Result Timelines

    2. They offer result timelines and estimates

    Any SEO agency that claims to rank your business on page 1 is deceiving. Search engines’ approach toward ranking your business keeps changing, which is why it is next to impossible for an SEO consultant to make concrete promises. Their job is to generate organic traffic on your website by optimizing on-site and off-site aspects of your website. Our SEO team offers a realistic timeline and estimates for results to keep you updated on your growth.

    3. They have social proof of their credibility

    Only a client can define the business appropriately to another client. So when looking for a good SEO service provider, make sure you hear what their clients have to say about them. Be certain of referring to a reliable source when evaluating their client feedback. At Rank My Business, we provide genuine referrals from our clients that give you detailed insights into our approach to SEO services.

    Social Proof of their Credibility

    This is how we can help you with our PPC campaigns in Lokandwala

    We at Rank My Business offer premium PPC services with complete transparency. We carry out keyword research and work on providing exceptional features in PPC ads that can boost your business. Given below are some of the features of our PPC services:

    At Rank My Business, we offer the best ads for your PPC campaigns that can help achieve the desired results. We make sure that our PPC management services give your business substantial growth and results.

    A detailed research and study of the current market is conducted to design a solid campaign. Through these reports, we can analyse our performance and figure out the best working strategies to ensure the best results.

    PPC bid management is one of the most eminent areas in the realm of paid advertising. We create precise, optimal keyword bids which eventually help reduce ad spends. You may establish precise business objectives, use your data to the fullest, and respond to market changes with the help of our effective and reliable PPC bid management.

    Our highly skilled SEM professionals provide excellent Pay Per Click management services that are tailored to your specifications. Only PPC strategies that can improve brand recognition and increase returns are implemented by our team.

    Our Process

    When it comes to PPC, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We are aware that every business is different, so, we create unique campaign strategies to boost ROI and expand your company through hyper-targeted advertising. Given below are the steps we follow as a PPC management agency in order to make ad campaigns for your brand a success:

    Our PPC service experts can help you carry out research for every opportunity which you could have overlooked. We are also skilled at employing keyword analysis to capture the maximum possible share of voice online. We do market analysis and research before developing an ad framework that defines the Pay Per Click marketing and advertising strategies that are apt for your brand. Our team researches your internet competition as well, so, our campaign is designed in a way that helps you lead the market.

    After choosing the best platform, target audience, and keywords, we create ads and set up a PPC campaign that is focused on getting results. Our campaign will assist in effectively communicating the core of your brand to potential customers.

    Our PPC services can give unmatched results

    We are an experienced PPC company in Lokandwala dedicated to the specific needs of our clients. Hence, we try to connect your brand with the target audience in the best possible ways. As a professional PPC services company, we maintain a high level of transparency with our clients throughout the process. Our overviews and reports make sure that clients are well informed about the progress of our ad campaigns and the results derived from them. Also, our services are highly affordable, which makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to benefit from them.

    Tell us what you want from your PPC campaign and we will deliver results that are beyond your expectations with our game-changing PPC services.

    You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

    Here are answers offering detailed insights into some frequently asked questions by our clientele about search engine optimization services.

    PPC advertisements are a great way of raising brand awareness, producing leads, and enhancing sales. PPC advertisements make it possible to swiftly and affordably reach a large audience. PPC advertisements are also simpler to scale, making them perfect for companies of all sizes. That is why we recommend PPC management for businesses.

    Yes. Businesses can utilise a range of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programmes to increase traffic to their websites. The three most common PPC campaign types are display advertising, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

    Yes. We can assist you with running your advertising on Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, and any other search engine or social media platform.

    Rank My Business has worked with several companies in various industries and market positions. We can assist you whether you're a start-up that needs to create your digital presence from scratch or an established company that wants to maintain constant growth.

    The cost of your PPC AdWords management campaign will vary based on your industry, the results you're after, and the total digital support you need. You can get in touch with our PPC experts for a thorough discussion. If you'd like additional information regarding the price of your customised pay-per-click advertising campaign, connect with our team right away!

    Although it is advisable to participate throughout the process, it is not required. We will keep you informed of the status of your PPC marketing campaigns and the audits carried out so that you stay updated.

    Rank My Business is an expert PPC agency in Lokandwala, and we offer result oriented PPC services to businesses from different fields. Our goal is to help the businesses get amazing returns through digital modes and our dedicated teams work to make your business a success. 

    So connect with us now and know-how can we work together!

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