Finalizing Your SEO Agency? Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions

Getting into a contract with an SEO or any digital marketing agency these days is a tricky affair. Given the claims every agency makes, it can be overwhelming for any business as they move forward during the negotiation process.

However, asking a specific set of questions with respect to the agency’s services, work approach and other factors can easen up your hiring process significantly.

To pick the best SEO agency in Mumbai, here’s what you should ask:

What’s Your Preferred SEO Approach?

Given there are numerous ways to rank on search engines, every agency will have their own style or in-house approach to optimize websites for organic growth.

Most will specialize in one or two signature SEO strategies. So, knowing which strategies they are comfortable with will definitely take things forward. For starters, you can always visit their website to see how they approach their client’s goals.

Remember, a reputed agency will always give you a step-by-step breakdown of how they intend to rank your website.

What SEO Tools Do You Use?

SEO tools come with a range of different features, utilities, and pricing options. Most reputed agencies use professional SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz Pro among others.

That being said, it’s always better to ensure the agency uses professional tools and not just free SEO software available online. If your agency feels hesitant to disclose the software they use, it could potentially signal a red flag.

How Do You Validate Your Campaign’s Success?

Several metrics like visitor count, CTR, impressions, and ranking position can be used as indicators for measuring your campaign’s success.

While these are generic factors, an expert agency will go the extra mile to list down the specifics. This could be providing you with a detailed spam score, high quality backlinks, mobile visits, and conversion data as per demographics.

Don’t fall for someone that blindly mentions ranking you directly on Google’s first page or bringing you a lot of traffic, get to know the specifics before moving forward.

Can You Show Me Your Past Results?

Most agencies focus more on promoting themselves as ‘successful’ and ‘result-driven’ without offering any sort of proof. You must thus ensure whether your agency can deliver as per their claims.

Asking for evidence in the form of reviews, case studies, and testimonials from real clients can be a good way to validate results. A best SEO agency in Mumbai will also be transparent and upfront about revealing any past failures or tactics that didn’t work, something you should definitely consider.

Are You Flexible with Pricing?

SEO agencies work on different types of pricing models for their services such as monthly retainers, yearly contracts, and result-based pricing. Never mind what pricing structure your agency charges, having a tailored and flexible pricing plan is always good to have.

That’s why you must also ask if your agency is ready to work on a flexible contract. In this way you can compare with other agencies to see which fits best under your budget.

It goes without saying that asking the right questions is always a good practice. It can give you a birds-eye view of the SEO agency’s working and thus help you make the right decision.

With that said, if a best SEO agency in Mumbai is what you’re after, we at Rank My Business can always give you a hand. We have a team of dedicated SEO experts who can work closely with you to offer measurable results with flexible pricing and more. Get in touch for a quick consultation.

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